Cincinnati Bengals: Looking At Signed Undrafted Free Agents

The Cincinnati Bengals have their core class of 2017 undrafted free agents signed, but what do they offer and what chance do they have of making it?

The 2017 NFL Draft has officially concluded. However, that doesn’t mean the fun isn’t completely over yet, Cincinnati Bengals fans. We still have undrafted free agency to talk about.

For a quick primer on what this time of the year is all about, SBNation did a nice introductory post a few days ago. If you don’t wanna get all the specifics, here are some basic notes about it:

Teams can sign A LOT of these guys, and they basically all do. It may not actually be unlimited like SBNation says in that linked article (other sources in the past have mentioned a limit on money which teams can attribute towards them, but that may just be in terms of guaranteed cash and not in entirety).Teams can still find solid contributors there. Cincinnati has three former UDFAs already on the roster (including Vontaze Burfict).These players get snapped up FAST. As soon as the draft ends, GMs are already getting these guys on the phone to make agreements and bring them in.

Speaking of how fast this process goes, the Bengals have already begun making their moves in this period. According to the undrafted free agent trackers at CBS Sports and, they’ve secured nine players to this point: CB Torren McGaster, S Demetrious Cox, TE Cethan Carter, LB Brandon Bell, FB Darrin Lafausa, RB Jarveon Williams, DE Jason Carr, OL Dustin Stanton, and DL Harold Brantley.

Let’s take a quick look at these guys to see what they bring to the table and figure out if they have a shot at making this year’s Cincinnati Bengals roster.