Plan To Do As Much As Possible While Visiting Murfreesboro TN

Murfreesboro TN is a bigger city than most people think. If you drive to the outskirts, you are definitely in the country. As a matter of fact, a lot of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County in general is out in the country. Yet there is metropolitan Murfreesboro, and it is a fun place a pretty big for a state like Tennessee. Sure there is Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis and other bigger cities, but Murfreesboro is quite charming and a fun place to visit.

Middle Tennessee State University is there, and it is quite a large school. The school switched to FBS football well over a decade ago, something my alma mater did just a few short years ago. Being so close to Nashville, you have a wide variety of attractions available to you. While the local Stones River Mall used to be one of my favorite local haunts, you might want to stop that for a much grander mall experience in Nashville.

However, Stones River Battlefield would be worth the visit. So would a restaurant called Demos’ Steakhouse, as it has been a favorite of the locals for decades. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and The Chop House are two more favorite establishments there. Then you have a place called Gyro Tabouli. Have you ever tried Tabouli?

It is a type of spicy salad mixture or dip that goes well with all kinds of dishes. It is great as a snack with chips, and well, if you’re unfamiliar, this is your chance to try it out. Gyros are one of my favorite things to eat anyway, so that restaurant would be a winner in my book. My old familiar stomping grounds in Murfreesboro TN features all kinds of fun for you and the family. Get to as much as you can while you’re in the great city of Murfreesboro.