The Best Places To Visit In Murfreesboro TN

Of all the South Eastern states, Tennessee is often considered one of the most favorable, and Murfreesboro is undeniably a crowning example of what makes it so great. With a thriving economy, rich history, amazing weather, and inviting atmosphere, there’s quite a lot to love within its boundaries. If you happen to be visiting sometime soon, you’re going to want to stop by at least one of the following awesome locations:

1 – Murfree Spring Discovery Center

Located on 402 SE Broad Street, the Discovery Center is a fully interactive educational institute that doubles as a fun place to take the family and also take in some of the best of what Murfreesboro’s history has to offer. There are plenty of great attractions inside, including live animals and themed events. There’s even a farmer’s market and plenty of food and snacks!

2 – Julia’s Homestyle Bakery

On the subject of food, you can’t leave Murfreesboro without visiting Julia’s Homestyle Bakery. Located on 1911 Medical Center Parkway, this is an amazing shop that keeps the interior design at a minimum in order to fully focus on offering the very best in desserts. You can create custom orders or pull from any of the existing recipes for delicious brownies, cakes, pies, and so on.

3 – The Grumpy Bookpeddler

Located on 1111 Memorial Boulevard, The Grumpy Bookpeddler is something of a mecca for anyone that loves old books and a great atmosphere. Filled with welcoming couches and an alluring vibe of comfort, you’ll undoubtedly find some amazing print media here going back years and years. While reading electronically is awfully convenient, there’s just no beating the experience of curling up with a good book. Great stores like this one are harder and harder to come by, so make sure you take advantage!